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Why you need to buy SoundCloud followers:

  • Kickstart your journey to be popular on SoundCloud with a few hundred followers instead of starting from zero followers
  • Boost social credibility and make your profile look very popular. This will attract more people to listen to your songs, follow you on SoundCloud, help your music reach larger audience and build you a fan base
  • Attract attention from the media, record companies and agents
  • Go viral
  • Rank better on SoundCloud recommendations

Buy SoundCloud followers and get:

  • High quality SoundCloud followers
  • Real users. No spam or bot
  • Approximately 1 – 7 days delivery (depending on what SoundCloud followers package you buy)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about buying SoundCloud followers:

1) Do I need to give my SoundCloud login credentials?
No. We only need your SoundCloud profile link.

2) Can someone tell I bought followers?
No. We get real users who explore artists and listen to music regularly on SoundCloud to follow you. However, you may raise eyebrows if you have lots of followers but few engagements on your songs. Our suggestion: buy SoundCloud plays and buy SoundCloud likes along with followers to make the most of your SoundCloud marketing campaign.

3) Will my SoundCloud account be suspended?
No. We’ve never run into a case that a customer had their song or account removed after buying SoundCloud followers from us.

4) Will my SoundCloud followers drop a few weeks after buying?
No. We get real people to follow you on SoundCloud so it’s very unlikely for that to happen. If part of your order drops during the guarantee period, contact us to get free replacement.

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